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I paint and make collages and digital prints. Most of my art is abstract. The artworks simultaneously encompass opposites―buoyancy and gravity, focus and chaos, energy and calm. The details often suggest intricate life forms or processes. In addition to the artwork on the covers of my books, you can view some of my artworks in the below gallery. 

The works are for sale, so feel free to contact me with any inquiries. Click once on any image in the gallery to enlarge it. Click on the X at the top right to return to the gallery. 

Sometimes Good Times
Still Life, Some Thorns
Beach Pages
Letters to the Moon
At Sea
Zen Times Ten
Another Arrangement
Then the Rain
Re(as)semble (1)
Twilight Garden
Tawny Music
The Mind's Ear
Two Rivers
Whale Ride
Taking Off
Story with Piano
Discuss the Weather
Dream of the City
In the Mock-Up
In the Cafe
Winter Windows
Deep Sea Chanty
Building Blocks
Just a Minute
Unsprung Remembrance
Flowers for Sargent.jpg
The Sea Etches.jpg
Ode to Odilon.jpg
Fiery Ice.jpg
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